Classic Cars in Texas

Our goal wasn’t to open a traditional car dealership, our mission is to revolutionize the vehicle purchase process. We want our clients to genuinely enjoy doing business with us. Most car dealerships are extremely inefficient. Many have to generate more than $1,000,000 in gross profit each month just to break even. We know this because we’ve worked for and sell consulting services to them. As you can imagine, high expenses equal higher prices.

We’re passionate about advising, taking care of and making sure our clients get exactly what they want. We also really enjoy buying and selling nice vehicles and realize that most of the general public doesn’t share our feelings due to bad buying experiences at dealerships in the past. We set out to create a more efficient, effective and pleasurable way for our clients to purchase vehicles. It’s called the

ACCELERATED PURCHASE PROCESS. Please see our website to learn more about it.

AAG Consulting exists because the retail side of the Automotive Industry is fast paced, ever changing and can be very difficult to stay competitive in. We believe that you need not to compete, but dominate in order to truly be a leader in your field. To do that, you need innovative solutions that will capitalize on opportunities that aren’t being taken advantage of.
Our partners and associates have very diverse backgrounds. One owned an internationally acclaimed classic and exotic vehicle dealership and restoration facility for years, another has extensive sales management and F&I experience and others have been very successful in all retail dealership departments. At one point in their careers, all of our partners were number one producing sales leaders at nationally top ranked Lexus and Mercedes stores. We’ve combined all of our perfected processes, tips and tricks into customizable solutions that will work for your store, GUARANTEED. We can’t wait to DOMINATE with you and your team.
Late Model, Classic and Exotic Auto Sales, Cutting Edge Products and Services for the Auto Industry


2005 Cadillac XLR Convertible Roadster




2005 Cadillac XLR CONV ONLY 33,450 MILES!

Accelerate Auto Group is pleased to offer this 2005 Cadillac XLR Convertible Roadster, finished in black raven and shale leather. This is a very well maintained vehicle with a clean condition report and ONLY 33,450 miles! Equipped with a 4.6 liter V8 engine delivering 320 horsepower in a five speed automatic transmission, this Cadillac XLR is a one of a kind, head turning, modern classic waiting to be driven and enjoyed with its top down! Amenities include navigation, heated and cooled seats, and heads up display. PLEASE be sure to make an appointment to view the vehicle in person as we have multiple indoor storage locations!

2010 Chevrolet Camaro 2SS Coupe

Chevrolet Camaro

Chevrolet Camaro1

Accelerate Auto Group is pleased to offer this 2010 Chevrolet Camaro 2SS Coupe, finished in the very desirable silver ice metallic and black leather color combination. This is a very well maintained vehicle with a clean condition report and ONLY 21,363 miles! Equipped with a 6.2 liter V8 engine delivering 400 horsepower in a six speed automatic transmission, this Camaro SS evokes the emotions of an earlier time, while garnering the respect and admiration of today’s driver. Amenities include bluetooth, heated seats, and HID headlights. With it’s beautiful clean lines and muscular build, this Camaro has much to be appreciated from all generations. Schedule your appointment today!

2011 Audi S5 Premium Plus



Accelerate Auto Group is pleased to offer this 2011 Audi S5 Premium Plus, finished in meteor gray pearl and magma red silk nappa leather, which gracefully combines Audi’s luxury and style with it’s performance. This S5 is in immaculate condition with ONLY 18,204 miles on the odometer! Equipped with a 4.2 liter V8 engine pumping out 354 horsepower in a six speed automatic transmission, this Audi can make a seamless transition from home to office or track! With amenities that include navigation, Bang and Olufsen stereo system, heated front seats, and HID headlights, this one of a kind car is waiting for it’s one of a kind owner! Schedule your appointment today!

FERRARI 250GT Spyder


Few Ferrari collectors can afford the $10 million plus price for an original Ferrari California 250 GT Spyder, but Bob Norwood is building the next best thing, perfect rebodies at a fraction of the price.

Although Norwood used 250 chassis for the TR 59 replicas he previously built, they’re almost impossible to find now. On the other hand, 330 chassis, with all the correct mechanicals to build a GT 250 California, were more readily available and affordable when Norwood decided to start producing 250 rebodies. His worldwide search generated 9 330 chassis.

Currently in production, the GT 250 California Spyder lives again. The chassis is shortened from the 2+2 configuration to SWB Ferrari length and, using three-l digital scanning technology, is rebodied in alloy to the same dimensions as the original Ferrari California GT 250 Spyder. Each of the cars in this ultra limited production run retains the original 330 serial number and is a real Ferrari, not a replica.

Experience the thrill of driving the GT 250 California Spyder, a high performance collector sports car priced to be on the road, rather than in a museum!

2014 Ford Mustang GT Convertible


Mustang GT

Accelerate Auto Group is pleased to offer this 2014 Ford Mustang GT convertible, finished in the classic and desirable ruby red metallic on saddle leather color combination!  This is a one owner, well maintained vehicle with a clean condition report and only 25,311 miles!  Equipped with Ford’s famous 5.0 liter V8 engine delivering 420 horsepower in a six speed manual transmission, this car rumbles to make it’s presence known on the road, while providing a very smooth ride for daily driving.  Other amenities include bluetooth, heated seats, and HID headlights. The convertible feature along with the six speed manual transmission, provide the sun and the fun in owning this vehicle for years to come!  PLEASE be sure to make an appointment to view the vehicle in person as we have multiple indoor storage locations!

1967 Chevrolet Corvette 427/435 HP


One of the icons of the American road: this incredibly original and beautifully restored 1967 427 Corvette coupe is equipped with the wonderful 435 horsepower, Tri-Power “Turbojet” engine and close-ratio 4 speed. It’s finished in Elkhart Blue with a black hood stinger. It is a REAL numbers matching car. And that old line, “You could write a book about it” won’t be necessary; the massive amount of documentation that comes with this spectacular car is quite impressive.

If you’re really into Vettes, this is the ’67 you’re looking for as it would hold its own in ANY Corvette collection. This beauty scored 95% (Top Flight) at its first National Corvette Restorers Society (NCRS) judging, was taken home, massaged a little more and will most likely score higher if you’d like to take it out for another round of judging. In the 49 years since it came off the line in St. Louis, this beauty has only been driven an average of 926 miles per year.

Let’s first talk about the car, then we’ll cover what we know about it, which is a lot. The basics: Elkhart Blue (rare, it’s estimated that approximately 65 1967 427/435HP coupes were produced in this color), with black interior. It came with (and it still has the original) close ratio 4-speed, AM/FM Radio, transistor ignition, “offroad service exhaust”, a 3.70 Positaction rear-end, and, of course, that famous 435HP, Tri-Power 427 that’s been professionally rebuilt to factory specs. All that information comes off the ORIGINAL tank sticker that’s mounted on the ORIGINAL gas tank. No secrets, no mystery. ALL of the numbers on all of the major components have been verified as matching. The current owner (a real serious car guy and collector) took his time (about ten years), and with the help of an NCRS judge, got the car into the awesome condition it’s in. Another really cool thing about this car is that most of the interior is also original!

The detailed history of the car’s four previous owners (back to the ‘70s) provides not only who they were and when they owned the car but also notes on each of them! Yes, you’ll find numbers matching 1967 427/435HP Corvettes out there for less money, but how many of them have the ownership history and documentation that this car has?

The car comes with an extra set of wheels (reproduction bolt ons with white letter tires – pictured). As Corvette technical experts will notice when looking at the build sheet, the car came from the factory with RPO P92 whitewall tires. The QB1 redlines that are on it now look great and were offered as a Corvette option in ’67. It also comes with a set of side exhaust pipes that are not in show condition.

When the acknowledged experts on Corvette excellence, the judges of the NCRS were given their chance to examine this car from stem to stern, bolt by bolt, they came away impressed and we’ll be shocked if you don’t. Corvette fans can’t help but grin when they meet a great Vette. This is one of those special cars. Once seen, you can’t wait to tell your friends about it. PLEASE be sure to make an appointment to view the vehicle in person as we have multiple indoor storage locations.

Tucker Convertible

Tucker Convertible

Preston Tucker, the man behind the Tucker automobile, was a charismatic rebel who was unfortunately possessed by his creativity and determined to do what many said couldn’t be done. His cup of creativity bubbled with activity. As his career unfolded, it became clear his destiny was to shake off his contemporaries and to do what had never been done before. He was David looking for his Goliath. He was fearless and more than a bit of a gambler. Ready to risk his fame and fortune, he jumped head first into an inevitable collision with the establishment. He was determined to capture his dream and build a car that he believed America deserved – a safer, sportier and entirely unconventional sedan with baked-in engineering that his competitors could not match.

Early in his career he and a partner worked to help Henry Ford with race car engineering and design. Tucker was the inventor of the Tucker Turret, a powered gun turret that was mounted to military vehicles in the Second World War. The Tucker Turret was an innovation that played a key role in the success of the allied armies.

Tucker is most remembered for his attempt to challenge the big three American auto manufacturers by starting his own, ultra innovative car company, the Tucker Corporation. Tucker’s goal was to apply his unconventional wisdom and common sense to build a car that excelled in areas such as styling, safety, performance, value, and engineering. If Tucker succeeded it would have taken the “Big Three” several years and hundreds of millions dollars to retrofit their cars in an attempt to compete. And as they did so they would have been relegated to the side of the road as they watched a Tucker drift by, eroding their domination of the American car industry. Tucker accomplished what he set out to do with what he called the Tucker 48.